MIKE WAITE served in the Dorset Police for 20 years as a police motorcycle instructor training police officers to the very highest level of high-speed pursuit riding. Now you can buy his expert training DVD on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.


Alan copied me in on your last e-mail as I look after PR and publicity for the Association of British Drivers. At the same time, I've just got a copy of your video, having been off bikes for the last 14 years and just started riding again. Videos like yours are, I believe, essential. I agree with Alan in that road safety is now solely a stick to the number on the stick game with no thought whatsoever to education - the only thing that really makes a difference in the long term and over the whole road network. The more routes to educating people we can have, the better. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and learned a hell of a lot from it, although I'm still a very long way from making progress at the rate you do!

Mark McArthur-Christie
DVD Customer

Video extracts from training courses and my advanced riding DVD


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