MIKE WAITE served in the Dorset Police for 20 years as a police motorcycle instructor training police officers to the very highest level of high-speed pursuit riding. Now you can buy his expert training DVD on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.


Alan copied me in on your last e-mail as I look after PR and publicity for the Association of British Drivers. At the same time, I've just got a copy of your video, having been off bikes for the last 14 years and just started riding again. Videos like yours are, I believe, essential. I agree with Alan in that road safety is now solely a stick to the number on the stick game with no thought whatsoever to education - the only thing that really makes a difference in the long term and over the whole road network. The more routes to educating people we can have, the better. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and learned a hell of a lot from it, although I'm still a very long way from making progress at the rate you do!

Mark McArthur-Christie
DVD Customer

Our Advanced Motorcycle Instructors

Our expert instructors have been specifically coached and trained by Mike Waite to ensure the highest standard available. Included here are a brief summary of our instructors to help you make your choice.

Panos Simou, Hampshire

Panos Simou has over 35 years riding experience and is an enthusiastic all-weather rider who covers over 20,000 miles a year, mostly training.

He has been trained by Mike Waite to a very high standard through a series of 2-day courses as well as a 7-day instructors course in 2003. He has held the post of Motorcycle Training Officer of the Thames Valley RoSPA Group since 2003 training both candidates and tutors to a very high standard and the Group has never had a test failure. He is an Advanced RoSPA Tutor, holds a BTEC Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction and is also registered with the DSA as a Post-Test Trainer. Panos runs an 1150GS and an HP2 in supermoto trim and most training will take in all kinds of roads throughout Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and Berkshire.

Terry Dodd, Cheshire

Terry is age 53 and, in addition to his training mileage, rides 20,000 miles a year “just for fun”.

He holds the coveted RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Riding Instruction and at the time of writing is also the RoADA Chief Observer for the Manchester Group Bike Section. In addition to completing the required courses with Mike to a very high standard, Terry has also benefited from the experience of off road and low speed handling courses.

From his base in Cheshire the training routes excellent biking roads of Cheshire, Shropshire and Wales with occasional forays into the Peak District.


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