MIKE WAITE served in the Dorset Police for 20 years as a police motorcycle instructor training police officers to the very highest level of high-speed pursuit riding. Now you can buy his expert training DVD on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.


Day 1 - Mike put up with my slow riding and didn't fall asleep. Explained the simplicity of the system and attempted to get me to do it. Brave effort. Day 2 - Zig Zag Hill .... PANTS that's my riding not Mike's tuition. Although mine stayed white throughout the decent. Day 3 - Mike had to wind me up about Porlock Hill ... my suspicions are that he didn't want me to show him up on my silent ride :-) Jokes aside, I had three great days riding the bike that a year ago I was almost frightened to death by. If only his commentary could be there for ALL my rides. He is as they say Does exactly what it says on the can. Makes you ride safer and faster, with the ability to cope with any road situation.

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This "Police Advanced Riding Techniques DVD" Video is original there are no others like it. It explains police riding techniques in detail, and has been created by me, Mike Waite an ex-police rider and instructor, with the aim of presenting the major features of the police system to the general public.


Refreshingly this is not a video saying “You should do this, you must not do that,” but it presents all the techniques in sequence to inform and demonstrate and asks you to consider all the features. It is not a substitute for a course but it does give an insight into a cracking system.

Most of the riding is at a slower pace so the viewer has more time to take in all the techniques.

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With average feedback around 4.5 stars read exactly the comments people have about this DVD before you buy.

"A DVD to watch again & again - it's like following an excellent rider while being able to listen to his thoughts about why he's doing what he's doing."

"I got this DVD because I'm returning to riding after 15 years away and I figure I owe it to myself and all my family to be as safe and skilful as I can be. I was positively influenced by the other Amazon reviews and some comments in one or two on-line forums. Let me tell you I am not disappointed. The DVD arrived next day and Mike was very helpful with all the questions I had. Think Advanced Riding is boring? Not with Mike Waite!"

"I had been recommended this DVD by my RoSPA Tutor and I can honestly say it was money well spent. With superb visual demonstrations of the 'visual point', 'dead ground', positioning for safety, presentation of the Motor Cycle to other road users and Safe Overtaking; Mike Waites' relaxed but authoritative explanation of the Police System of Motorcycle Control is second to none."

"If your considering getting back to biking or are considering starting biking - get the DVD; you will learn something and it just might save your life!"

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"An excellent DVD. Having just attended a police BikeSafe weekend course this DVD was a superb summary of what was practised on the course. Best motorcycling DVD I've bought."

"Simply fantastic unleashes every motorbikes potential in a healthy say way.You should at least give it a whirl.Brilliant brilliant brilliant "

"Mike Waite was a police motorcyclist and instructor for years, and his knowledge of bikes and biking is encyclopaedic. He delivers advanced riding tuition via courses, and also via this DVD. He makes it clear that being a safe rider is all about following a well-proven system, a system which can be used and adapted for any kind or road and rider. He runs through the system in detail, and the content is extremely informative. His manner is friendly and affable, yet remains authoritative- highly compatible with learning. You can spend a lot of money on things to help keep you safe- £500 helmet, £200 jacket, etc etc. This DVD, and the information it contains, will make you as close to crash-proof as you could ever be; it would be an essential purchase at any price, at this price it's madness not to but it."


Copyright Mike Waite - Teaching motorcyclists advanced Police riding techniques for faster safer biking!

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