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Visual point on a brow

Many people who may be studying the visual point may say that in this picture there is no visual point. WRONG.

What we need for a visual point is two opposing edges. In the picture we have a brow but cannot see over it. The two edges we shall use in these circumstances are the road surface and the hedge just in sight over the brow. (Arrow point) This will give us distance. The other important fact is movement. As you ride forward you would watch for the opening up or movement using the road and hedge, the distance being crucial to judge very precisely the severity of the bend. The same principles apply; the faster it moves the easier the bend, the slower it moves the tighter the bend. Distance is the other major factor.

If the distance stays constant the bend will be constant. Looking at the visual point in the picture it has to be a slight righthand bend because if it was not the hedge would not be covering part of the road out of our sight. It would be the same if you had no hedges but a tree or pole that appears anywhere over the brow out of line to right and left of the brow, it has to be a bend, however slight. The farther out the tighter the bend.

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