MIKE WAITE served in the Dorset Police for 20 years as a police motorcycle instructor training police officers to the very highest level of high-speed pursuit riding. Now you can buy his expert training DVD on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.


Day 1 - Mike put up with my slow riding and didn't fall asleep. Explained the simplicity of the system and attempted to get me to do it. Brave effort. Day 2 - Zig Zag Hill .... PANTS that's my riding not Mike's tuition. Although mine stayed white throughout the decent. Day 3 - Mike had to wind me up about Porlock Hill ... my suspicions are that he didn't want me to show him up on my silent ride :-) Jokes aside, I had three great days riding the bike that a year ago I was almost frightened to death by. If only his commentary could be there for ALL my rides. He is as they say Does exactly what it says on the can. Makes you ride safer and faster, with the ability to cope with any road situation.

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Using buildings and the visual point

As you can see the houses are close up, so you might be thinking “Yes, I can see the road from here”. Think about the same scene if you were a considerable way away from that area.

By using your eyes to look up to the farthest point you could make your riding plans that much sooner and have no surprises. The farther you look the more skilled at observation you will become.

When apposing all houses and hedgerows give a first-class visual point which will confirm what the angles of the buildings are displaying.

Remember, Distance to the visual point and movement or opening up is the skill of reading a bend very accurately.

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