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Planning ahead with visual links

Using visual links can give you great information, giving you time to react and plan for any eventualities.

If you study the picture you are first confronted by a lefthand bend. The hedge on the right is cut and would appear to run into a righthand bend and up an incline.

At the top of the incline we see two houses. (with arrows). That should suggest to you that as there are at least two houses which run right to left it is more than likely that there is a junction in towards the houses. The angle of the houses will tell you the angle of the junction. Look closely and you should be able to make out the junction markings this side of the houses. The angle of the houses suggests that the road leading into area is on a slight lefthand bend.

To the right of the houses you can see a hedge which is well trimmed. Behind this hedge you can see a coppice. This would point to a second junction, probably forming a crossroads or staggered junction.

The other point of interest is that there is an incline towards the brow; we cannot see any other feature. This should indicate to you that there will possibly be a decline on the other side.

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