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I purchased your video after reading your article and advert in February edition of our club magazine Slipstream. This has proved to be the best fourteen pounds that I have spent in a long-time find it absorbing viewing. All the points that are made are most rewarding and feel that my ridding has improved as a consequence. Your commentary also helps the viewer to fully appreciate all the aspects involved.

John Price
DVD Customer

Adverse camber

An adverse camber is where the road surface is higher on the lefthand side riding towards a lefthand bend.

To a righthand bend the road is higher on it’s righthand side. Adverse cambers increase the angle of lean the motorcycle requires to negotiate a bend.

One would be advised to consider the type of tyres you have on the motorcycle and also the road surface, adhesion and weather conditions.

A crossfall camber is where the road surface is lower on the lefthand side towards a lefthand bend.

Approaching a righthand bend the road is higher on the lefthand side. This gives the rider an obvious advantage regarding stability.

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