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Alan copied me in on your last e-mail as I look after PR and publicity for the Association of British Drivers. At the same time, I've just got a copy of your video, having been off bikes for the last 14 years and just started riding again. Videos like yours are, I believe, essential. I agree with Alan in that road safety is now solely a stick to the number on the stick game with no thought whatsoever to education - the only thing that really makes a difference in the long term and over the whole road network. The more routes to educating people we can have, the better. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and learned a hell of a lot from it, although I'm still a very long way from making progress at the rate you do!

Mark McArthur-Christie
DVD Customer

Adjusting your eyes for speed

Without thinking about it your eyes will automatically adjust with the speed you feel you are traveling at.

As speed increases our eyes adjust automatically, as we decrease speed the shorter our view will be. You must think about searching ahead because if you do not your eyes will drop automatically. This is without doubt a major cause of accidents.

The visual point trains your eyes to look to the farthest point and it will give you vital information, enabling you to plan and react to features ahead. You might think that by looking far into the distance you would not see the vehicles, pedal cycles or pedestrians in front of you, either slowing down, crossing the road or closing with you. Take it from me, when looking up you will be aware of all that is happening around you with your peripheral vision.

Raising your eyes and using the Visual point will enable you to plan and anticipate. Concentration is all important.

Practice raising your eyes and looking further ahead and notice details in the road upfront, cars applying their brakes, people hesitating about to cross the road, a vehicle coming from a side road. As you practice looking ahead you will see a bigger picture of the road ahead and give yourself much greater chance to make safer decisions.

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