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A typical view in rural areas

Let us take a look and see what this picture presents to you. As we enter I would straight away take a course to left of centre. We can see by looking at the visual point and the house half way into the bend that it is a lefthand bend and see the severity of it by observing the angle of the front of the house and its roof. I would have scanned the driveways of all the houses and confirmed any movement. Road surface is damp in patches. I would also note the type of road surface and its adhesion. Long broken white lines indicate restricted view and possible junctions. A couple of telegraph poles may be useful later.

I would anticipate that just around the lefthand bend I could be confronted by a large vehicle, so I am interested in the distance I can see to be clear. No street lights and no speed limit sign shows me that the speed limit is the national speed limit. I have checked my mirror and made progress.

For the advanced rider all these features and plans can be formed in a couple of seconds, as will the rest of the journey as it unfolds

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