MIKE WAITE served in the Dorset Police for 20 years as a police motorcycle instructor training police officers to the very highest level of high-speed pursuit riding. Now you can buy his expert training DVD on Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com.


The absolute dogs b****cks. Don't even think about not going on one, or more, of Mike's courses if you want to get the very best out of your bike and yourself. Prepare to be amazed by Mike's training methods which make even mundane topics FUN!

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About me Mike Waite


I served in the Dorset Police for twenty years and as a police motorcycle instructor and it was my job to train officers to the very highest level, from standard to high-speed pursuit riding.

My "Mike Waite" training is carried out in accordance with the police system of riding, which is without doubt the best method of riding known worldwide.

I am passing on to civilian riders the knowledge and experience that I gained during these years through my "Mike Waite" advanced motorcycle training and safety DVD.

Please contact me direct if you have any questions or comments.

Mike Waite

Copyright Mike Waite - Teaching motorcyclists advanced Police riding techniques for faster safer biking!

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